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fuel problem

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i had my car tuned a couple months back everything was right. until a couple of weeks ago it just started to run real lean when the 2nd turbo kicks in,can some one give me a idea of what it could be? thanks
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It would help if you post a list of mods, how it was tuned, etc.
mods,trust fmic,rm down pipe,hks exhaust,intake,boost cont.dli twin power,apex SAFC.this morning it sounded like my turbo is gone i can hear the winening,but after i let it out of gear.on the highway sometime no boost when i hit it.last week i went to a dyno and it run real lean when the 2nd turbo kicks in he have to let it off.
Have you done the 12 volt fuel pump mod? Maybe you have a weak or clogged injector?
yes i did the 12 volt mod .now i think my 2nd turbo is gone too it has a bad as wine every gear,no boost at 45OORPM
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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