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I have a 95 JDM TT SUPRA. stock.

Ok, we;ve tried every sensor, from map to tps, and still can't find the problem.

I was driving last night, and all of a sudden the car felt like it had shut off. Well it didnt but it would not rev. If i pressed the gas down the car would want to shut off, but at like 10% throttle it would go ok. This is with the vacuum hose unplugged from the MAP. anyways, replaceds the map and TPS, and checked some of the others. We just can't figure it out. Monday i'm getting another ecu and TPS computer to try. Might be? It has a stock oem Blitz ecu. do these come with supras or is it just JDMs?

please let me know what you think?

not FPR or fuel pump.
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