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fuel pump not running. HELP!!!!

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When I start the car (NA Supra), the fuel pump runs for about one second,... quits, ... and then the car dies.

Turn off the key, turn it back on, start the car, it cranks up, fuel pump runs for one second, quits, ...and the car dies from no fuel. Repeat.

If I do this about ten times, the car will eventually start and run, and NOT die. I can drive it all over, with no problems. Fuel pump runs fine. But, if I kill it, ....I'll have the same problem.

I orginally thought it was the fuel filter, I changed it. I was about to change the pump, when I decided to test it and see if/when it was working. Now I know its coming on, and then turning off.

What might cause this?
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Next time it wont start, turn it off and bang on the bottom of the fuel tank somewhat forcefully but not hard enough to dent anything. The goal is to shake the pump. If after that it does not start, get someone to do the same thing while you crank the car.

If either of those work, you most likely need a fuel pump. If not, it is likely an eletrical issue and we can go from there.

My first guess would be a bad fuel pump anyways.
When the fuel pump decides to run, the car runs perfect. I got it to run,... and drove it for two hours the other day. As long as I dont turn it off, will run all day.

Also, it does it hot or cold.
did you read what i told you to do? A bad fuel pump will run sometimes and others not before it is toast. What you just wrote is the definition of a fuel pump going bad.
I read what you told me. Banging on the tank has no effect at all.

If thats the definition of a fuel pump going bad, Ill just replace the pump. I have a new 255lph walbro, right now.

Somone else suggested its the fuel pump ecu, since I can go outside right now, and drive it as long as I want. It never dies once it decides to run, and makes good fuel pressure.
I just bypassed the ecu, and it starts every time.

Thanks for the help, anyway.
fuel pump ecu, backprobe the pump power wire and see if the ecu is sending voltage to the pump when the pump stops running. i dont think it sounds like you have a bad pump at all, sounds like a faulty fuel pump ecu.
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