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Have you seen fuel system upgrade for BPU Supra? They are saying that is a must for BPU.

What is your opinion?

Here is a copy of that what they are writing:

PHR Fuel Pressure Pulsation Dampener Bypass. A must-have for all BPU Supras, the PHR Bypass consists of a large #6 Stainless Steel Braided hose with metric fittings to route from the factory fuel filter to the rear of the factory fuel rail. Installation is a breeze: 1) remove the factory rubber fuel line at the fuel filter using a 17mm wrench, 2) install the supplied metric fitting into the fuel filter while reusing factory crush washers, 3) attach the straight end of the #6 line to the metric fitting, 4) remove the factory fuel line at the rear of the fuel rail using a 17mm wrench and move it aside, 5) install supplied metric fitting into fuel rail while reusing the factory crush washer, 6) attach the 90 degree end of the #6 line, 7) tighten all fittings and check for leaks, and you are done! This completely bypasses the OEM pulsation dampener unit, a severe restriction in the factory fuel system. Installation of this unit allows you to maximize the factory fuel system with less risk of a lean condition. A must have for any Supra! Can also be supplied with an inline adapter to mount any electronic fuel pressure gauge sensor. Price: $95.00, With Fuel Pressure Adapter: $120.00
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