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Fuel system works great...

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Installed the rest of my fuel system which includes the FPR, Rail, front lines, and injectors. Already had the twin in-tank pumps for when I was running nitrous on stock twin turbos. Everything went excellent and I especially have to thank Jeff at Induction Motorsports again...I wrote a write-up about my experience with him here: .
I have tested the car now for about 100 miles or so checking for leaks from every injector, every line and every fitting and haven't found one leak yet. This is the first time I have ever put a rail on the car and it went together very well. Rail fitment is very good, style if very good and like I said before....NO LEAKS.:) :cool:

Anyway, I will now be putting some race gas in there and trying it out here sometime. I need to take advantage of what the 67 really has to offer. I have been stuck at 20lbs for long enough!!!:D

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You can see in this pic where I chose to mount the FPR. Looks pretty good in that pic, but looks much better in person. The lighting was wrong for the pic...too dark. That was just a kind of quick snapshot, but it is good enough to get the idea.

:cool: Nice polishing work on that intake manifold.
nice :)
Thanks guys for the compliments...just got back from trying some high boost runs with it.:D Feels REALLY good even with it untuned. Does anyone know how much I could expect from tuning on this 67? AFC/VPC are both zeroed out and I have 84lb/hr injectors in it with the VPC "B" chip. I know that I gained quite a bit with the stock turbos with the extensive tuning I did, but just not sure about the gain to expect with this turbo.

BTW...idle is perfect with the big injectors. I thought that the big injectors were going to make the idle all crazy, but it idles just like it had the stock 550's in it.:) KTRENDS here in Kansas City talked me into getting these injectors because he had the same ones and his idled perfect as well.

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