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I am down to the last bit of the harness. It is extended, dash wires done, AFC wired in, and installed on the motor. I have a few extra plugs I am trying to figure where they go..

OK Around the starter there is a Two pin, and a four pin plug that I cant figure where they go.

There are also 3 other plugs that are on one harness. They are the Body harness plugs to the fuse box. I cant find a wiring diagram for this. Are they the same pins as the 92 7m harness?

I am really just trying to find what plugs these are. The two pin plug is identical to the small harness that comes off of the main harness right by where it goes into the firewall.

I figure I will find what these go to when it is installed in the motor. However I just need to know what wiring I need to do on the fuse box wiring.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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