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Hey there,

my good friend sells cars and
buys them with only MINOR repairs needed.

Here is the direct link to the G35:

His price is $22900 which is a good deal and can
really save you some $$$ if you want a G35 coupe.

I don't get any CUT of the sale, and he hasn't asked me to post it

but there has been A LOT of G35 talk lately and it would be
an AWESOME driver with 6 spd, brembo's etc.

so click the link, or go to

YES it is a rebuild, but his cars are always well done.

(I KNOW HE JUST SOLD A KICK ASS Z06 in awesome condition for WAY TOO CHEAP!) :)

Just trying to maybe help someone get in a G35
for markedly less than normal :)

i can answer any questions about his business, his work
and integrity...

car specific questions, you'll have to ask him.

TELL HIM I SENT YA - he will help you out :)

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yeah most of his cars are rebuilt...

but he can tell you absolutely everthing that was done
and probably show a pic of the before.

he gets them fixed right -

it's just a good car (driver) for the money.

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If salvage flexible do you think he is on price? There's some clean title '03s going for 22-24k these days...


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Jay - not sure, call him up...

i haven't seen any in the 22-24K range

that have low miles with 6 spd and
aero/brembos etc.

maybe they are out there -

i'm not up on the G35's -

just seemed like a good deal to me.

i'm sure he'd play with the price a bit,

but he does have his cars fixed nicely.

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03's with around 20k miles are still selling for around $28-30k. For me, I would just find one with good price rather than to buy a salvaged titled car and save $5k... If the price was down to $20k, then it would be a great deal. But for $22.9k, I don't think it's a good deal... it is a decent deal, and if you can talk the seller down to close to $20k(assuming that the car is fixed properly without any problems), and you really want a G35 coupe, I guess this can be a great deal. However, dealing with warranty issues and later resale is just not worth it to me... :p

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yeah i'm sure he'd negotiate on the price.

they are always fixed well.

it would be a great G35 for the money and
when you sold it in a year or 2 you probably wouldn't
lose nearly as much $$$ as if you bought a new one.
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