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Gainesville Raceway, 1.6 mi road course, March 25

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The Local UF car club is putting on a road course event here in Gainesville, unfortunately we could not get enough people interested. We need 10 more to make this happen.

Its $100 for eight or nine hours or racing, no more than 25 cars, two cars on at a time. There are NO WALLS, just grass runoff area, perfect for anyone who has never road raced before. For that $100 you will get a LOT of lap time.

We need to know before March 1st. I know there are some really fast Supras in Jax and Orlando, so why not come out?

Any questions or RSVPs please contact Patrick at [email protected], 352-384-0786.

Please anyone who knows someone who might want to do this, ASK THEM! We need more people.

Cars need to pass a basic tech and convertable need some roll over protection.

There will me one Supra (mine) some people from BMW and Porsche clubs, a 11 second AWD Talon, a 'BPU' RX7 with race tires, a M3 and several other cars.

'97TT 6-speed BPU
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You can count me in!! I had wanted to run with Car Guys at CMP in March but the logistics were just not working out (especially given the car is going to be "new")

I'm in Jax (Jax Beach) - have a Supra upgrade being finalized with Brembo brakes, T04R single, BIG radiator, oil cooler, roll assembly, Sparco seats, etc. Should be an absolute blast on a road track.

FWIW, I've run (though not in the Supra) Roebling, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Summit Point, some a number of times.

I still don't consider myself a "pro" - The last event I ran with Car Guys, I ran in the 'White', advanced group, which was pretty aggresive!

The _only_ thing I could think of that would prevent me from attending would be _not_ having the car back yet...that's my B-day weekend too! Happy Birthday to ME!


00 Lexus GS300, Millennium Silver
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Let us know how the T04R does. I'm interested in hearing how a bigger single works on a racetrack. In particular, how difficult corner exits are to manage.
turbodoc, from IL?

Also any questions can be posted to the club bulletin board at
We got a Supra club in G-ville!?!?
Ashley Powers[NA 300zx with computer etc :D] told me about international Motorsports meetings [its still Thursday Nites at the Albertson's on Archer right?] a few weeks before I blew up my tranny :(

The car's at home, tranny gets dissambled this weekend to see if we can figure out what failed, otherwise the hunt for a J-spec LSD tranny shall continue :)

Whenever I get my car back, I'd love to go over to the Track and break off a few runs :)
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