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hello, I bought an 89 supra turbo. the previous owner removed the turbo to upgrade it but ran into some trouble and had to sell it. Im now stuck with the task of putting everything back together. Ive never worked on a supra before so im just flying by the seat of my pants. I do have a bit of experiance with other cars so im not mechanically retarded.

my question is does anyone know what gaskets and seals Im going to need? the only one I can think of at the time is the gasket between the turbo and the manifold. anyone know where I can purchase these gaskets or what part numbers they are?

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^ Here are the links for the turbo gaskets:

You will need:
1) the turbo to the elbow metal gasket if the elbow was removed from the turbo.
2) you might need the elbow to the downpipe if the turbo's elbow was removed
from the downpipe.
3) The oil feed/ return gasket that connects the oil pipe to the bottom of the
4) the oil pipe return to the block gasket.
5) the 2 copper sealing washers for the banjo bolt for the oil pressure feed off
the block.
6) the gasket for the water lines to the top of the turbo. The turbo gasket kit
includes 2 of these. 1 is used for the blank off plate on your turbo.

It would be cheaper to buy the complete turbo gasket kit for $44 ($55 list) from Jay Marks than the individual gaskets even if you didn't need all of them as the elbow to turbo metal gasket alone is $35. See link below. If you click on the part #'s in the pic. it will give you part #'s & prices both list & net from J. Marks Toyota.


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^How about this:

Search by OEM Part Number:
(Select Make)Toyota
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Part number 04175-42010 was superceded!
Old Part number: 04175-42010
New Part number: 04175-42011
Search for Superceded Part Number
Part Number Search Results : OEM Catalog
Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
04175-42010 $54.96 $0.00 $39.57


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