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i purchased an aristo motor awhile back and it was about half torn down. i got a box with what i thought was one harness in it. turns out there were 2 serperate ones in the box.
i have the aristo one which had most the sensors still mounted on it.

at the bottom of the box there was this harness. i am not to sure the differences between the GE and GTE harness'. this ecu plug does fit into my AEM i have, but at the same time i see no plugs for coil packs.

if anyone can tell me which one it is that would be great.
thanks- Brian


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yeah i guessed GE as well b/c of the no coil wiring.
i didnt think auto and standard trans had diff harness'. how can you tell this is an auto?
The manual trans has like 3/4 sensors. The auto has twice that. Also that big grey connector in the very top right corner of the picture with the rest of the trans plugs is the main connector for all gear lights on the cluster as well as other things. Plugs in on the passenger side of the trans about in the middle.
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