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gear ratio 5 speed vs. 6 speed??

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what is the gear ratio of 5 speed vs. 6 speed??

just wanted to know if anyone could post the 5speed tran. gear ratios I found the six speed here supra specs

im trying to figure out if I could deal with a 6speed swap or if the power loss would be too great. eventually I want to turbo. reason why is cause my second gear seems to be grinding when I shift into if at any rmp higher than 2.5-3 . and rather than spending the money to get a new 5 speed or have that one fixed maybe I could just go to the 6.

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You could just have the second gear synchro replaced. I can't imagine it being all that expensive compared the a 6speed tranny swap which would probably be a custom job.
5-speed trannies are much easier to rebuild than the 6-speed. 5-speed tranny can also hold plenty of power. On the other hand, finding a clutch for the 5-speed that can support high HP output may be more diffucult than swapping in a 6-speed :)

Swapping a 6-speed isn't difficult. I have done that with my NA auto. The 6-speed gearing does not match well with the differential ratio and the HP output of the car. Let's just say that you can start your car from a complete stop in 3rd, maybe 4th.

5-speed gear ratio:
3.768 (reverse)
4.083 (differential)

Japanese NA Supra come with 6-speed as an option since 1995 (or 1996). It uses 3.769 differential ratio, which is the same as the TT auto.

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