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RX-7 Dyno, but still a dyno question.

I dyno'd my car at at 7's only racing at Buttonwillow this past weekend but they wouldn't let me dyno in 4th gear so I was limited to only 3rd gear (1.391 ratio). Car made 338 in 3rd gear.

Back in June it dyno'd in 4th gear (1.000 ratio) 343rwhp.

I recently fixed some sticking actuators in the turbo system which completely smooth out the power line.

Does anyone know a correction value I can plug into the 1.391 gear as if i had dyno'd in a 1.000 gear?

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There is no correction factor. The only reason you would see a difference is due to a higher loading on the engine in 4th gear. HP is calculated from the torque and speed of the wheel. In third gear you will have more torque but less wheel speed, and vice versa in 4th.


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