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Any non-turbo JZA80 Supra (except the SZ-R 6-spd) or the Lexus SC300 will have a differential with one of those two ratios.

There's none that are any stronger or weaker than others. Later production ones (1997+ or so) have skinny, weak axles, so it's best to source the axles from an earlier model or a 5/96+ JDM Twin turbo.

For a limited slip, simply select whichever brand you prefer - TRD, OS Giken, Tomei, Kaaz, etc. Any application that fits a 5/96 or later JDM Supra will fit the typical smaller diffs in USDM NA & TT models and most JDM models.
USDM TT 6-spd Supras, Early JDM TT 6-spd Supras, Most other export market TT 6-spd Supras as well as some European market TT auto's and Middle Eastern NA's got a larger differential that can be swapped into any JZA80 or JZZ30 chassis but is not available the gear ratios you are looking for.

If you have any more questions, check the differential info sticky thread at the top of this section. I'll subscribe to THIS thread so you can ask any further questions here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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