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I was coming home from getting dinner at KFC (lol), and it started to rain just a tad..- as i come out of the parking lot i see a jet black mustang gt with aftermarket rims, and it sure sounded like he had aftermarket exhaust or something..because it was LOUD. I was kind of intimidated by the looks of it, but i decided to roll past him to see if he wanted to play around a little. Well i get in front of him and he definetly wanted to race, because he was reving his engine pretty hard. We come to a stop sign (he is behind me), and i punch it ..i sit there for a second because i had some bad wheel spin (due to the light rain)..anyways- as i pulled away he started swerving really bad too..once we both caught the pavement he didnt seem to pull on me and i didnt seem to pull on around 60 or 70 we both let off because we were starting to both loose he rolls next to me and i give the thumbs up. The guy was like 45 - and he had his little daughter in the car with him. hah.. It was funny because when i let him get in front of me...he FLOORED was loud as hell too- and he started to pull away pretty fast. I guess since i had the jump on him he didnt pull on me the first time- but when we got out of the rain he was a lot faster. Just thought i would share my encounter with you all. :)
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