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general difficult tech question.

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ok, I have a question that even the best around town can't give an honest opinion on. I recently bought the mopar windage tray for what I will call project 001. The car is currently equipped with arp bedplate studs. the windage tray comes with 4 "special" bedplate bolts with receving heads for the bolts that actually hold the tray to the engine assembly. so my question is installing this tray would mean removing half of the bedplate studs (one per bearing journal, zig zaging across) and replacing them with bolts. would doing this have adverse affects on the clamping force on the bedplate, and advertently damage my main bearings, or would I have to torque the bolts a little more than normal because there is a stud on the opposite side, or would I have to use ALL standard beadplate bolts and get rid of the studs, or is this idea not recommended at all for some reason.
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You have obviously mistaken us for people who give a damn.
try again - in English this time.;) :p
also depends how the hinway is attached.

Walser said:
You have obviously mistaken us for people who give a damn.
I mistook you for a group that had good knowledge of cars and mechanical issues concerning them. I will remember never to waste my time asking you for help again. sorry. I guess not all supra guys are smart after all :(
Sorry you had to experience that Racer X. Most of the guys here have never had to deal with using windage trays and such. The Supra engine along with most Japanese engines are so well designed there is no need to do extensive modifications except going to the store and buying forged pistons or better rods. The majority of these engines I've seen scatter are "built" engines that the stock components could have handled. The 2JZ is twice as strong as anything the domestics have ever put on a dealership floor.

A picture would be better to describe what you are doing but a general statement would be your mains should be honed using whatever your final assembly dictates to ensure a true bore. I would not alter the torque spec when installing that plate either. I'm sure the bolts do not have the same tensile strength so under severe load, the main bores will not distort evenly. However.... it will of course depend if the bolts are strong enough in the first place for your application. If they are, you will not have a problem. I would still insist on the final align hone being performed with the windage bolts in place since they will load the main webs of the block differently than the studs will.
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that's what I was afraid of. I appreciate the responce. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of the bolts. I was hoping that since the motor has already been assembled and run with the studs in place that the bedplate would already have distorted/shaped with my bearing/crankshaft combination. I am not sure if I am going to go ahead with the tray install or not. Sometimes I wish I had a supra so I wouldn't have to go through all these hoops to make power.
I would never mix bolts and studs-they apply torque in different ways-ARP tried to get me to do this with the main studs on my 7m-I thought it was a horrible idea and just went with bolts instead of mixing the two
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