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Hey all, i just bought this clean as MA70 yesterday.
mods are just 17" mags, boost controller (5L-10H) pod filter, boost gauge and turbo timer.
the whole motor has been rebuilt (including turbo) 30,000kms ago.

Now the fun begins :D first thing i wanna do is get a full 3" exhuast and a better front mount cooler, HKS metal HG and some ARP head studs/bolts.

hope you like the pics and cant wait for some feed back

Pics of the car
pics of car 2
pics of car 3
pics of car 4
pics of car 5
pics of car 6
pics of car 7

and yes its an AUTO!! lol but shhhh :p

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Awesome car man, but I'm not sure if you noticed, your steering wheel is on the wrong side!:D

Hang out around here and we'll have you modding the hell out of it real soon.

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uhh ohh tan interior ... good color but hard to keep looking good. Looks good though, damn clean paint job, it's not the stock paintjob is it?

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hey thanks all for the comments :D

and no, your steering wheels are on the wrong side!!!! grrrr hahah

the suspention is the TEMS system, but lowered (came with the car)

tan interior? its grey, and its not that hard to keep clean, got seat covers over them now :D
the paint job, no, i dont think it is factory, its not actually black, its cherry black, when in the sun light ya can see a nice deep red in it, looks smick hehe
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