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Damn awesome pics but no love for supras :(

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Nice to meet you guys. I had a great time. My car went 174, jays car (white wingless) went 174, and Scott's car (light silver) went 175.

The s2k was on its way to a nasty trap but it was skating around too much and Jay let off.

My car did well for the boost. Didn't see more than 34. Tried to turn it up but couldn't. Then I sprayed a 75 shot but I/c pipe blew off.
Was definitely good to meet you! I will be sure to attend this event again if they have it and will be bringing my car as well just to get out and have some fun...

Yeah what a good time... That was the first time in the 8 years I've had my Supra that it's had racegas in it. I've been just cruising around in it for the most part. It made 7-8 runs and I looked at the first log than just ran it... My brother made some passes, he had never driven it and went 170. The silver Supra was the first one I built top to bottom and it's been together north of 900whp since 2006... We've all seen the abuse Geo puts his car through and it still continues to live :)
I really didn't feel bad losing to the GTR platform. I think it's a really good illustration of just how great the Supra platform is, even as it approaches the 20 year old mark it still holds it's own in many arenas.

It was nice meeting some SF members there, I'll definitely come back if they have the event again.
Good to meet you Jay! You guys had some nice cars and had an awesome time hanging with you guys... I will be sure to keep in contact with you all...

Can't wait to see how the Colt will do once he fixes the small issues with it... That thing was hilariously awesome...

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Georgia ½ Mile Private Runway Shootout September 22nd, 2012!! is proud to present the Georgia 1/2 Mile Shootout!!This event will be held on September 22nd, 2012 at the Prestigious Heaven’s Landing Airport ( in Clayton, Ga. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains this airport is more of a work of art then a place to land your plane……….or in our case race your cars!! Come join us for a day of, Side-By-Side, HALF MILE racing at this rare and exclusive location. All of our participants will be given a chance to take their vehicle’s Top Speed down Heaven's Landing’s private 5069 ft runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice!! See what it’s finally like to race without the restrictions of speed limits, on what is basically your own private interstate in the mountains!! This event is limited to only 100 cars and is sure to sell out quick!! So register today and we promise to make your automotive DREAMS come true!!

Event Location:
Heaven's Landing
1271 Little Creek Rd
Clayton, GA 30525

There will be a Sponsor Shootout between 7 of the most incredible Performance Shops from across the country!! Be sure not to miss out on this as these shops go head-to-head to claim the title of the fastest shop in the Georgia 1/2 MILE!!

Our Sponsors for this event are:

Top Speed Motorsports -

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*Check out our website (wannaGOFAST - High-Speed Racing - Home) to register. Be sure to read all of the forms and have your tech sheet filled out prior to entering the gate!

*All Driver's Must Pre-Pay Online!!

*This event is limited to 100 cars!! Be sure to register NOW in order to ensure your slot for September 22nd. When the event sells out we will open up a waitlist in case of a cancellation. It is extremely likely that this event will sell out VERY soon!! So don't hesitate to SIGN UP!!

*If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Email: [email protected]
Contact: 850.585.5168

Take care and we hope to see all of you at the event!

Here's a video taken from our Private Testing Day at Heaven's Landing! Enjoy!!

Is this list still up to date? Has anyone contacted it in the last year?
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