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Okay guys.. Ive been wanting a Supra since I can remember. Every car I have gotten has been to replicate the looks and power of a supra, but no luck.

Currently I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS... its a ncie car, but its not a supra.

Im getting rid of it asap, as soon as someone buys it... but then I am going to find myself a Supra.

My question is this... Ive been looking for some time now and have noticed that its hard to find a TT supra for a resonable price that is newest and "stockest"... So I have decied the NA route is for me..

Yes, yes I know its not the power, its just the shell.. but I still am in total love with it....

When I get one, I plan on doing the basic bolt on stuff.. but the main power adder is going to be probably a 100 shot of NOS...

For anyone that has NOS on their NA, do you have any problems, anything I should look out for, and/or anything I need to get installed along with the NOS kit besides intake, ehaust

Thanks guys, and I hope to be a true member soon..:)

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Why don't you consider Turbo kit for the N/A?
I think a lot of N/A owners are putting Turbos now.

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I agree.. and Im sure that its going to be a consideration.. but the average price of a 100 NOS shot is about 1-2k versus an average turbo kit which is 4-6k

That probably the main reason.. besides... the NOS is going to be for that once in a while street race.. other then that.. the car is going to be a cruiser..

I dont want to ruin the name of the Supra by loosing to a midly modded integra, so thats why I want something..;)

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becuase I wanted a "NEW" car.. people were saying no no stay with a new car, no problems, warranty.. bla bla bla..

I wish I used my own judgement

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SpdRcr0, few things to keep in mind... so far, there are no legal Turbo kits for the NA, there's no way to pass your next smog check with an aftermarket turbo kit, (i had a friend who knew someone that worked at a gas station, hooked him up, he's one of the lucky ones). I guess NOS is the way to go... if you do, make sure you tuck that can under the seat or hid it somewhere real good.

just a warning... you live in California, you plan to get a car that looks like it's going 45mph while it's parked... the point is, cops love to pull us over, just to give us crap. well, maybe it's just me... I've been pulled over for not having a front plate... then he checked out my springs and exhaust and all this other stuff... i had to go to the CHP office to get is cleared, yadda yadda yadda... I constantly get cops pulling up behind me on the freeway, i can almost read their mind "go 66mph, boy... i wanna give you a ticket for speeding." :mad:

oh, those integs and civics... they rarely pick fights with supras. one or two so far, but no big deal. i've been having problems with Maximas recently tho... :( i seriously need a few extra horses to take out these new V6 sedans.

don't get me wrong, this car is awesome, great handling, great power (even the NA), the engine is very strong, great cockpit dash setup too... plus, the ladies love the bucket seats, esp. when you have to help them out cuz their skirts are too short :rolleyes: :p jk

if you like a little excitment and a little (a lot of) attention, the SUPRA is the car for you.

best of luck to you... i hope to see you on the streets of LA, in your SUPRA! keep us informed...
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