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Getting my 3800 stall tomorrow, How many quarts does the auto and converter hold?

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the guy at autozone told me 6 quarts was how much was needed for a complete fluid change ( transmission and converter ).
This sounds low to me. Will someone please verify this for me so I won't be in the middle of the change and not have enough transmission fluid to complete the job.

Also, is anyone running the moble 1 full synthetic ATF fluid and how do you like it. That is what I am going to run.

One more thing, when it change the converter do you think I should change the seal and if so, any idea how much it is?

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I'm sure you'll read the other post, but just in case. Use only Toyota ATF.

Oh, and if you already haven't, go get a cooler soon and splice it into the line coming out of the radiator on the driver's side.

Good Luck.
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