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Getting my baby back today....

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After 2 years worth of work and trouble to get it back together I am finally getting my 300 back in the middle of the night tonight. I won't go into the whole story because it is very long and crazy. I will say that I have a 1993 300zx and about 2 years ago the motor blew up. After all this time my baby is finally back in one piece and running right. It has been at Z1 Motorsports for the last 2 to 3 months getting fixed. Here is the dyno on 91 octane.

I will post a complete list of mods if anyone is interested. I'm so excited. I can't wait to drive it again and I had to share with the world. Here is a recent picture of the car just in case anyone is interested.
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Cool. Mod list plz.
Bumper, nose panel, and sideskirts look horrible, but great numbers!
Mods list and body kit........

I bought the car with the bodykit. I do like the way that the exhaust works with the back bumper part of the body kit.

The list of mods include:
Z1 stage 2 shortblock
Z1 Howe Radiator
Z1 GT600r turbos
Z1 sidemounts
Nissmo 555cc injectors
Ashspec Ecu for 91 octane
UR U/D crank pulley
Z1 2.5" tp/dp
Greddy SP2 catback
Stillen Single Pop
RFL Blow Offs
PLX M300 Wideband
Apexi SAFC
RPS max street disk
I may be forgetting a thing or two. The car has been pretty much completly rebuild, so basically every gasket or house that you can think of has been replaced.
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good number, decent body, now get some rims!
the #'s seem alittle low, considering people are making that much on sport 500's with 555's, that graph is on 20lbs too??? hmmm maybe you should get 740cc's
The only reason that I went with the setup that I did is because that I wanted the best DD setup possible. I've heard several people say that the bigger injectors idle rougher. As far as the wheels go I def want some wheels before too long, but I just got done paying the final car to have the car put back together and don't quiet have the funds to play around with right now. As far as the numbers I made go, I have seen several people make more horsepower on pumpgas 300zxs, but they are typically tuned aggressively on 93 octane with head work and cams. I just finished driving it pretty much all day and am more than satisfied with the outcome. Thanks for the input guys. I also think that part of my problem may be that I'm not running a twin pop intake system. I think I am close to the limit of a single pop intake system.
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