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Okay, let me start with some background info..

Back when i was stock twins, and in TTC... if i downshifted hard into say second, from a roll... sometimes the car would hit a ghost rev limiter... anywhere between 5200 rpms and 6200 rpms.. it would cut out.. just like it was hitting the factory rev limiter..

The car never did it at the strip, only when the conditions were just as i described...

now fast forward...

I went single, and the problem never happened again. Including many trips to the track....

I recently installed an SAFC -- and its doing it again. I've double checked the wiring, and it SEEMS to be correct. The SAFC works as advertisedd... all the sensors seem to be reading correctly.

The behaviour of the ghost rev limiter is a little different now tho...

It USUALLY happens at the strip now... If i launch, it happens ONLY in first gear... never in any other gear.... and it usually happens worse when the car spins, i lift off the throttle and get back into it. If i slip the clutch alot and make sure that i dont have to lift the throttle, it doesnt seem to happen nearly as much.

Any suggestions? Ideas?
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