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im a little lost with my translator settings. im running a 62-1 on my mk3. i have a safc2, LM-1 wideband and an avcr as tuneing tools. my trannslator is set as falo:

dip switches left to right. off,off,on,off

base setting

aux: c
base: 3

no changes to rpm points. my problem is this. according to the instructions that came with it will on base tunning the aux adjustment should let me cap the signal the activates boost cut. but it doesent seem to be working. i have reached 12 psi and boost cuting like a mother and its pisen me of. anyone have any idea what im doing wrong.

now im not 100% sure if im worthy of pushing into the 15 psi mark so hear are my supporting mods please post if you think im worthy.

-255 worlboro fuel pump
-12volt fuel pump rewire with relay
-pricsion fmic. cant remember what size it is but was told it is the largest one thay make without going custome
-turboneics 62-1 turbo with v-band clamp
-custom 3'' exhaust
-hks blow off
-50 mm wasgate(external)
-home made grounding kit lol ( board puertorican with a hole lot of 4gauge wire laying around lol)
-got rid of anything heavy in the car especialy the seats( and im on a diet lol).

i think thats it for know. working on getting injectors soon. i also own a 89 n/a thats going to become turbo. heard something about using the cams of the n/a on my turbo. but not sure if its true or not. allso getting adjustable cam gears soon.

any way now that i have rambled on for an hour thanks for any help!

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bigger injectors would definitly help you out here...also if you change your base setting to a smaller injector run richer...which may help...and base setting 3 is for 450 cc only have 440's which makes the computer think you have bigger injectors than you really do and so it trys to take out fuel on the whole curve if im not mistaken

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Verify that you have no boost leaks. Any of those, and you will boost cut early.
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