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Got this from another forum:

Buildt for the german tire manufacturer Fulda.

V-12 Biturbo, 5908 cm³, based on M-285 engine
VMAX: 351 KM/H
Power: 515 kW/700 PS at 5000/rpm
Max. Torque: 1020 Nm at 2500/rpm
Length: 5890 mm
Width: 2140 mm
Height: 1390 mm
Fuel tank: 110 l
Weigth: 2660 kg

They've made high speed tests in Nardo (italy) with this car.
VMAX: 351,45 - that means 218.42 mph.
World premier presentation is today in Berlin (germany).


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interior looked so maybach hardcore and then i saw the outside and the pants i thought i would need are dry as a bone.

that exterior is Charra ugly. Like Patrick Ewing ugly. Michael Moore ugly. Sheesh.

They had a good idea, but tis just too much. Calm some of it down and make the curtains match the carpet and it could be a winner...

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You really meant get the barf bag ready right? :stickpoke :wtflol: :barf:

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It should be the next batmobile. Anything is nicer than the new batmobile.
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