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To start off my day, I go to take my supra (89 targa turbo) through a car wash, and my rear left trip gets ripped back, creases it, and breaks the screw.
So I go and order some new screws, both for that one, and my front left needs a new one anyways.
Then I go to pick up my friend later, and go to get back in the car, and my door handle breaks! The lever that connects to the thing to pop it open broke, just snapped.
Then, we get going to go to my buddy's show, and I'm driving down this highway that is being worked on and is really bumpy. So, my best friend who I bought the car from, had wired a tact through the ingnition box himself, so the wiring isn't the best, or most secure. Also, my blow off valve is a bit loose, and tends to kill my car sometimes when coming to a stop if I don't have my head lights up (don't know why it doesn't with the lights up?) and so it dies, and I go to restart it, and get nothing. The wires had been bumped loose, so we had to push it off to the side of the road, and my buddy got under and plugged the wires back in.
And I think someone brushed up against my bumper, I think it's okay though, just brushed off.

even though, I still love her.
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