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Going to be buying a supra

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Well, it seems that after I get my head rebuilt on my 944, i'm going to be buying a supra. I just have a few questions about the MKIV's before I do though.
1) What are the avg. times for a N/A supra?
2) What are the avg. times for a Supra TT?

If driven normally, about how many miles until the engine is in need of a rebuild? Does anyone know the average cost of a rebuild?

I had my insurrance look up the cost of the Supra TT, and suprisingly it wasn't that much higher than my previous car, so my mom wasn't even mad or anything! That's really cool, because from what I hear the stock supra TT lays down about 350RWHP????????????????
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Im pretty sure the n/a is around 15 sec and the tt around 13 in the 1/4 mile and a stock tt produces 320 from the engine and around 300 rwhp

Oh, thanks man.
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