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Going to Edmonton

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I'm going to be in Edmonton next week for a training class.

Any guys want to meet up, drop me pm or E-mail - [email protected]
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What days are u going to be here?
There's general meets for all car on Wednesday and Friday nights.....nothing for Supras only YET....maybe soon =P lol

I'll be getting into town Sunday night and leaving Friday morning.
I just got back from Edmonton after being there for like 6 days. Is it just me, or is there a TON more smartcars in Edmonton than in Calgary? I also saw a lot of Stealths, one modded FD and some other stuff...

Come to think of it, Edmonton had a lot more MK3's as well
In Edmonton now, staying at the Holiday Inn Express downtown.
hopefully we'll be able to organize something =D
what color is ur car? maybe i'll c u around

Andriy if u c a random guy jumping and waving at u it's prbly going to be me :lol:
and if u c an 88 white turbo MK3 with black rims driving around that's me as well =D

and if u see a completely stock 86.5 silver CLEAN supra ITS ME!!
jurkey77 said:
and if u see a completely stock 86.5 silver CLEAN supra ITS ME!!
If you're the one with the clear signals then I did pass you once..:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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