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It really isnt that big of deal like some people make it out to be. But who knows, I guess some people dont have good luck when taking off springs. When I did mine I used a pair of vice grips to hold the shaft from spinning while i used a torque wrench to loosen the bolt while keeping my foot on it to make the spring shot where I wanted it to. The vice grips kind of doubled in purpose by actually holding the spring on the shock, keeping it from shooting off after I released the bolt on the top of the shock. Thats how I would recommend doing it, and since you dont need to worry about the old shocks you can feel free to mess them up with the vice grips. As far as putting new springs on new shocks, thats a sinch. If you have an air wrench you just keep hitting the bolt still it stops turning and ur done. Other tips would be to prob unbolt your washer resivour when trying to take off the upper controll arm bolt. I spent the longest time trying to get that bolt out and it turned out to make it a whole lot faster when I just un-bolted the resivour and moved it to the side so the bolt could come out freely. Also, while you have the air wrench out I would tighten all your ball joints and any other bolt that could use some tightening. Hope this helps :)
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