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Hey everyone,
I am taking my supra to the track tonight for the first time. I have a 94 TT 6-Speed with Downpipe and exhaust. Everything else is stock. I live in Nebraska and will be running on street tires. Can you guys give me some ideas of times I should expect. Thanks.

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I ran a 13.5 @ 111.2mph in the quarter on the street with my automatic and street tires. I have a downpipe and power extreme exhaust, but no boost controller yet so it is still at stock boost. Does this sound about right? I used a g-tech to get the numbers. Also it was a 5.65sec 0-60 time. I did not have the track fuse pulled but I turned track off and shifted in manual mode with overdirve off. Is this the best way to run it on a stock automatic?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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