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Going to VIR Mar. 9-10, anyone attending.

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The title speaks for itself.

Later, Steve
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Damn lucky dog....I would love to race at VIR. Do you
have any videos?

I have video, but nothing on the computer. Maybe when I get back this time I can find someone to convert it to a format that can be put on the computer.

Later, Steve
Can anyone go to this, or do you need to have like a racers license? I have heard you cant drive on tracks without a licence except with an instructor. I would love to go if I am allowed. Can anyone confirm this?

Will C.
You don't need anything other than a regular drivers license to do these event. The problem is the school is already full.

Later, Steve

How was VIR, did the weather hold up? I haven't talked to Jonathan in awhile so I don't know if he made it up there with the FD or not.

I'm home for Spring Break this week, so if you got some good videorcf78up there, or there's something to be done to the cars let me know and we'll get together.


Jonathan didn't make it. His engine is still setting on the floor of my garage waiting for a turbo. The weather was very wet on Saturday (try driving a 500rwhp Supra on a roadcourse in the rain :eek:), but was sunny and dry on Sunday. I will give more specifics when I get some time. I didn't take any video.

Later, Steve
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