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What do you guys think is a good asking price for a 1990 Turbo 5-speed hardtop, black on grey cloth interior.

145,500 on chassis, 20 on fresh motor

Mod list:

K&N Intake filter
Lexus AFM
HPF I/C kit with hardpipes all around 2.5"
RC Engineering 550cc injectors
NGK Plugs wires
NKG Copper plugs
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Sp61 Turbo (.70 A/R)
Custom Downpipe
Tial 35mm External Wastegate
Greddy Profec B EBC
Greddy Blacktop BOV
Aeromotive AFPR
SS Fuel lines
Blitz Nur-Spec Exhaust
Tokico Blue struts
ST springs
Apexi? Strut tower bar
Aftermarket sway bars
Brand new power steering
Lo-Tek Pillar pod w/ 2 gauges
Fluidyne Radiator
Fresh motor by Jarco Inc (20,000 mile original miles, then rebuilt)

Polished parts:

Valve Covers
T-Stat housing
Intake Plenum

Chromed parts:
Power steering reservoir
Radiator Brackets (In progress)


What would you say is a good asking price for the car? I may end up selling this to buy a MKIV TT.

EDIT: The Interior pics show a few parts missing. Everything has since been put back in and the interior is MINT, as well as the exterior, not to mention there are only maybe 2 or 3 piece in the motor that aren't brand new.

· 2005 LP640
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I was thinking around 12K.

More than 15 grand has been stuck into this car, and I am looking at upgrading back to a MKIV TT 6-speed. I had a 96TT before this car and I miss it very much :(

Gimme a few minutes and I'll post some engine pics.

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87turbosupra said:
..................and I am looking at upgrading back to a MKIV TT 6-speed. I had a 96TT............
He said upgrade!

Just messing with ya...............that's a really nice car you have there. I have a friend looking to buy one in that condition, only thing is it needs to be a Targa car! Good luck selling it though, 12k sounds like a fair price.
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