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My boss set me on fire!?!
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Alright, just in time for my swap. Here is what I got

All from 94 MKIV TT Auto

Wire harness, complete, few broken connectors.
All sensors on engine
Intake manifold complete
Upper and lower oil pan.
Oil pickup
Everything on the front of engine
Turbo's (great condition, afik from outside inspection and shaft play estimate)
All turbo manifolds and plumbing
Injectors with rail
USDM auto trans driveshaft adapter (to convert JDM TT auto)
Throttle body.
Coils/tbelt Cover

Basically everything off of a TT Auto car except valve covers, block, and head, and internals. Ohh yea I did not get the rear main seal plate....

Ohh yea and the best part... I PAID 275$ for all of it!!!!!!!!!

Ill probably get hit by a bus tomorrow, as I have used all of my luck up for the next few years...

Just thought I would share


Now I might forgoe the AEM for a while, find a Maf, ECU, BCC, and AFC. Just run it stock ecu style...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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