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Got e few questions about my t-78 supra behavior

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I have a 1994 MKIV with a japanese engine in it. I left the US spec fuel system on it.

Alright, thet-78 is new, I just put it in ~2000 miles ago. I still have stock fuel system and boost is set at 10psi. I have a vpc, an profec B. I still need to install the S-afc.

I noticed driving around that sometimes sometimes a dark grey puff of smoke coming from the exhaust that smells gasoline. I noticed it yesterday when I was at idle in a traffic jam.

Under boost, it also blows like a puff of smoke for about less than a second.

The car is white and I noticed my bumper on the left side is beginning to turn a little yellow.

Ohh and the check engine light is on too.

Is this thing normal. My friends who know about cars tell me that I need to put the S-afc because the car is running rich.

Can anyone tell me more about this
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You are definitely running rich.

Run the codes from the check engine light.
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