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Chris (AngryDrone), and I are parting out an 88’ maroon on maroon turbo/NA targa 5 speed. It’s part turbo and N/A because the car was being converted from N/A to turbo. The car has the bare motor of a 7M-GTE, and the R-154. Since it wasn’t finished being completed, it still has some N/A parts as well. The chassic has 17X,XXX miles, and the GTE motor and transmission have 8X,XXX miles. All prices are + shipping, the cost will be extra to anyone outside of the United States, heavier items can be shipped, but we prefer local pickup. Here is the list by catergory of everything that is going, if there is an “X” by the item, it means that we don’t have a picture of the item yet, and will get pictures as soon as we get the item from the shell.


- Amber turn signals, left/right. Good condition - $40
- Power mirrors, left/right. Work great, paint is excellent - $70
- Power mirrors from 89 N/A. Red paint, is in good shape. They both work - $60
- (X) Header panel with squirters. Excellent paint. - $100
- Header panel emblem. Great shape, looks new. - $15
- (X) Hatch shocks. Work great, still has a lot of gas in them - $60
- (X) Hood shocks. Work good, still have a lot of gas - $65
- (X) Drivers side front fender. Paint is in excellent condition, no dents - $80
- (X) Passenger side front fender. Paint is in excellent condition, no dents - $80
- Stock hood, painted black, paint is in good shape - $175
- (X) Headlight covers, left/right. Good condition, black paint. - $30
- (X) Stock targa top. Paint is in excellent condition, maroon carpet inside. Carpet looks like new. Perfect for someone in need of a new targa, but you don’t wanna pay the price from Toyota - $250
- (X) Sylvania halogen headlights, both left/right. Are sealed beams, look clean. - $50
- Burgundy/clear trim pieces, not all of them, but main ones from the rear wheel and back. Includes logo piece (X) - $50
- (X) Side skirts. Left/right, can separate if desired. Paint is in excellent shape - $85 for both
- (X) Mudflaps, front left and front right - $40
- (X) Mudflaps, rear left and rear right - $40
- (X) Rear bumper, paint is in excellent shape, no dents - SOLD
- (X) Rear license plate/trim panel. Paint is in good shape - $100
- (X) Right taillight, good shape - $30
- Door handles. Excellent paint, good shape - $35 for both
- Gas cap door. Very good shape, no rust, excellent paint - $20

- Glove box. Great shape - $35
- Rear speaker covers, great shape - $15
- Ashtray, great shape - $10
- Center console bezel, has headlight squirter button. In good shape, just dirty in pics - $25
- Center console bezel, from 91 turbo. Looks good, will be cleaned before shipping - $25
- Mirror control/adjuster (2) - $10 each
- Lumber control/adjuster (2) - $10 each
- Stock radio and cassette player - $10
- Sony CD player, came with car. Face is slightly faded, but works good. - $30
- Boss RIOT R422 speakers, NEW. 200W each (no typo), 4”, all 4 speakers - $60
- Kicker panels, left and right side, good shape - $10 for each
- (X) Maroon carpet from the car, very great shape, no worn spots - $50
- Drivers side door panel. Leather, VERY awesome shape, like new, no wear shown (dirty in pics) - $40
- Passenger side door panel. Leather, VERY awesome shape, like new, no wear shown (dirty in pics) - $40
- (X) Center console without cup holder. Good shape, doesn’t come with an armrest - $30
- (X) Burgundy cup holder. Pop up spring/mechanism works great, good shape - $10
- TEMS switch. Buttons are worn, but actual base with logo is in good shape - $10
- (X) Front seatbelts. Both are in good shape - $20
- (X) Front seatbelt clickers, are in good shape - $15
- (X) Rear lap seatbelts. Both are in good shape - $20
- Rear seatbelt clickers, are in good shape - $15
- (X) Drivers side a-pillar. Good shape - $10
- (X) Passenger side a-pillar. Good shape - $10
- (X) Interior dash. Does not include gauges, in good shape - $50 (local pickup recommended)
- (X) Gauge cluster. Has 17X,XXX miles on mileage. Has tems, are for an N/A. Are in good shape - $35
- Sun visors, drivers side and passenger side. Both are leather and are in AWESOME shape, The leather is near perfect - $40 for both
- (X) Front roof light control. Comes with the bulbs for the lights. Is in near perfect condition - $30
- Hatch brake light cover, in good shape - $10
- (X) Rear view mirror. Is in good shape - $15
- (X) Shifter assembly, stock. In good shape - $20
- (X) Ignition with key. Is in great shape - $30
- (X) Steering assembly windshield wipers/headlights control- $25
- Hatch defogger/defroster switch - SOLD
- Hatch weather stripping - SOLD

There are a lot more interior pieces that aren’t mentioned, just ask and we can get your pictures and prices.

Chassis/ Brakes/ Suspension:

- (X) TEMS actuators, front and rear. In good shape - $50
- (X) TEMS shocks/springs. Has 17X,XXX miles on them - $60
- (X) Front brake rotors. Have nearly no use on them, are in good shape - $50 for both
- (X) N/A driveshaft, in good shape - $100 (local pickup recommended)
- (X) Front brake calipers. In decent shape, work fine - $40
- (X) Rear brake calipers. In decent shape, work fine - $35
- (X) Aisin brake booster. Has 17X,XXX miles, works great. - $40
- (X) Brake master cylinder, for 5 speed. Works great - $20
- Power steering cylinder and pump. Works great, from turbo - $50

Engine/ bay accessories:
- Stock Toyota radiator. From the N/A motor, good condition, no big chips/scuffs - $40
- Radiator fan w/clutch assembly. No chips in fan at all. Good shape - $45
- Radiator fan without clutch assembly. No chips in fan, 10 blades - $20
- Small radiator fan. Good shape, no chips - $10
- 7M fuel rail. Just bare rail, looks in great shape, just dirty in pics - $40
- Misc. intercooler piping/radiator piping. Comes with two main pipes for the intercooler, one small one, and three radiator piping pieces. Selling all together, but can separate if desired - $30
- Fan shroud. In very good shape, no cracks (just dirty in pics) - $40
- 7M-GE cam gear cover, in good shape, just dirty - $20
- CT-26 wastegate actuator. In good shape, dirty in pics - $15
- CT-26 turbo. Has 8X,XXX miles on it, minimal shaft play. Has a polished compressor housing (not in pics, but it’s there). In great shape, good for a swap, or conversion - $175
- (2) stock turbo elbows, abit rusted, but work good - $20 each
- Turbo coilpack. 8X,XXX miles on them. Good for replacing or NA-T conversion, does not come with wires - $40
- Green top injectors. Dirty, but they work good - $30
- PCV pipe, in good shape - $15
- ISC pipe, in good shape - $10
- (X) Stock intercooler. In good shape, couple fins are bent, but works great - $100
- 7M-GE airbox with AFM. Dirty, but both work good - $35
- (X) R154 transmission. Has 8X,XXX miles. - $300 (local pickup recommended)
- (X) R154 stock flywheel. Works good - $35
- (X) Stock charcoal canister - $10
- (X) Fuse box, in good shape. No dents or scratches - $30
- (X) Diagnostics box. Looks good, works fine - $30
- (X) 7M-GTE motor, head and block. Comes with part of an exhaust manifold, and intake manifold. Comes with a few pulleys, cam cover, and valve covers. Has 8X,XXX miles - $400

There is also a differential we need to take a look at. We are not sure if it’s LSD or open. We’ll keep you informed. There are also a lot of other parts not listed, again if there is something you’re looking for, ask us and we’ll see if we have it.

- 7M-G manual ECU, in good shape - $55
- Starter, like new, works great - $50
- Alternator, from N/A motor. Looks worn, but should be working, if not, we’ll refund your $ - $40
- ABS control box, looks good and works great - $35
- Stock ignition control, dirty, but works good - $25

Again, there is probably some things we missed from this category as well. If there is anything you’re looking for, let us know.

Link to parts pics so far: out pics/

If these prices don’t seem fair do not hesitate to make an offer, all serious offers will be considered. just send a PM. We prefer payment via PayPal, all prices are the ones posted above +4% for PayPal fees. Send $ to [email protected] for PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, we can work another way out to pay. Every item that doesn’t have a picture will be taken care of later this week. If there is anything you need to know, if you have any questions, or want more info on certain parts, feel free to PM me or Chris.


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A few parts have been added from another car. Such as power mirrors, radiator fan, and console bezel. Plus more pics have been added.


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SJSupra22 said:
Got a question... i'm doing a 5-speed swap into my 87' 7mge and if you have anything i could use (slave,Master,ECU,or Trans r154 or w58) lemme know by e-mail. [email protected]. thanks
Email sent. Fan shroud and door handles have been sold.


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Will2 said:
Where are you located in DFW? Like to come and buy some parts from you, as I'm local.
Will :)
We're located not too far from Texas Motor Speedway. What would you like? The shell is possibly gonna be bought, but we still have alot of parts off that we still have.


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Need a maroon rear hatch cover, speaker covers, visors, ect. No telling what else, as it's good to get spares from a non rusted out Texas car... :)

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Will2 said:
Need a maroon rear hatch cover, speaker covers, visors, ect. No telling what else, as it's good to get spares from a non rusted out Texas car... :)
The spare is gone. And we do have some of those parts available. If you'd like, you can come out to where we are and check out what we have.

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