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GReddy 3 row FMIC ok for t78 single kit?

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Does any know if the GReddy 3 row FMIC is enough
for the T78 single kit. I want to upgrade my bpu
car with the FMIC and plan to go single next year.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you
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Yeah, its good, my buddies runnin a fully built 3.3L w/ a t-88.

Hey 2 Rip,

thanks for the info. anyone else know? I need a
strong vote of confidence. :)
Hey, just pick the phone up and call uprd: 1 714 842 3338 or SPE: 1 626 333 5398

its fine
Thanks for the help peeps. I'm gonna call SPE, I
spoke to Chris a few times there already.

Thanks Again All!:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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