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sward42 said:
my main concern was that the type s doesnt come with everything it needs for a perfect fit.

from your replys i am personaly tempted by the 3 Row.
If what you say is true 'Caughron' and there is no incresed lag then thats one worry out the window, what boost are you running on your twins?

I just hope it fits as my trans cooler is in stock location.
'VeilsideTT' do you know if your trans cooler is in stock location still?
Me and all my friends have the 3 row and none of us have noticed any "signficant" difference. You won't be able to notice 50-100 rpm difference anyway, if it did create that. Trust me, I'm really, really glad I had that extra big IC on the day I ran at the track and posted the times in the sig, seeing as how it was 95 degrees and 100% humidity.

I run 1.3 kg/cm2 daily. Might crank it up a little w/ some race gas.

Don't worry about the trans cooler, you will be fine. You do have to ditch the big fan, but no one has ever had any problems. If you decide to upgrade the tranny or stall, just put an extra tranny cooler in the side ducts where your stock side mount came out of.

Trust me, I'd be willing to "stick my neck out" and say that over 1/2 of the bpu/apu cars on this board have the greddy 3 row and have never looked back. The 4 row is overkill, especially for the stock twins.

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Also, 'Caughron' what other mods do you have on your car.
I would love to hit around 400wrhp when i finish rebuilding my engine.
seeing as the lump is out at the moment it would be mighty rude not to make a few additions. Spun a bearing and cracked my crank so im going for a Short Motor.

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