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Supra gone- Cobra here!
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Greetings from the Great White North..... Where Hockey and good Canadian Beer are king..... eh!

This is my first post I have not seen the exact same question in any other seaches

I purchased a BCC from Supra Store

1)Followed the instructions on on installation( as their were no instuctions in the box) this included testing the voltage It was at 3.8 volts. I turned it up to 4.3

2)We installed it, with no problems, no check engine light no codes

3)Two weeks after installation. Check engine light has gone on, two codes show, code 35 and 55

4)Check the BCC and the voltage is up to 5.8 volts, we turn it down all the way but the farthest it will go down is 4.48 volts.

5)I drove the car for 30 minutes. No codes

6)Drive it home that night and the the check engine light goes on again. Codes start again

Supra Store said the have never heard of a problem with a BCC and Greddy will not cover it. Has anyone here had this same problem? Or have any suggestions?

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