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Greddy Filter Block problem !!

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The Supra (JZA80 TT 1994) that I bought came with the Greddy Filter Block Adapter Unit and a Mechanical Oil Temperature Guage. Unfortunately the guage has failed and I bought a Greddy Electronic (60mm Peak Hold etc) Temp unit to replace it. Unfortunately I didn’t realise the Mech Guage/Block Adapter fitting were a different size to the electronic temp guage probe. So I cannot just take out the old probe and screw in the new. The new is a lot thinner than the older probe (The old probe screws into a fitting which is screwed into the filter block adapter)
Can anyone please tell me the sizes of the different ports on the Block Adapter and which fitting I need to use to fit the new probe. (The electronic guage probe didn’t come with any fittings other than the screw in probe itself.
Thank you for your help
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ditto: greddy performance 1.949.588.8300 or
Thanks for the info.
I already emailed them but there has been no response.

Has anyone else with these guages had a problem with the installation. What nuts etc should come with the kit ?
I bought one about 5yrs ago and never used it.
I will find it and look at what all is included.

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