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I have a opertunity to buy a greddy profec a electronic boost controler and would like to know if they are suitable for my 93 supra TT 6 speed?

Im after one,so if this on can be used for the supra with no ill effects,then i would like to buy it.
Also if any1 running one,how are they?
I heard the fuzzy logic is not the best for the supra,is this true?

Profec boost controllers

As far as I understand it, you don't want to go with a Profec A if you have the stock twin-turbos. The Profec B is a better solution.

The fuzzy logic in the Profec A works better with an upgraded single turbo (or I suppose, even for stock twins that have been converted so they're not running sequentially anymore).

Apparently, the Profec A has a hard time learning the boost curve with the stock twins, and you're better off dialing in suitable settings manually on a simpler model like the Profec B.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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