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Greddy TD 06 20G vs. HKS GT 2835..

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I am looking for information regarding the physical size of these turbos with respect to one another.

I am more familiar with the 2835's than the TD 06's. About the only thing I have been able to piece together is that they both have 3" inlets.

I realize the 2835's will flow a larger volume of air and probably be less laggy due to the ball bearing setup, but fitment is my main concern.

Could someone do me some good here and get me up to speed.

Thanks for the help.


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I believe a shop called primespeed in Marblehead, MA tried the twin 20g. When i went there i saw approx 5 supra tt everytime i was there...never heard anyone on this board from that area... Kevin with a '93 white hardtop. He blew his engine somehow with this. email him
Only twin 20g set up I have ever seen or heard of is Ken Hendersons. His kit is a totally custom / one-off kit, SP Engineering had top secret make them a special manifold specifically for the Mitsu Turbo's. I'd be surprised if anyone else was running this set-up.

take care,
Kevin from is running 25g's :)

I think hes talking about a Z32, but I could be wrong, I suppose he is in the supra section.

As for physical size, i THINK 20g's are smaller than 2835s. I'm not entirely sure. One thing to consider though, HKS does make smaller turbos that could be used as twins, its just that the 2835 is the smallest turbo they have which incorporates an external wastegate.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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