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Well I got my three greddy gauges and was wondering where other people put the data link boxes (for the P/H/W). I know that at least a couple of you guys got the greddys. I'll be mounting the gauges themselves in an a-pillar pod.
My other question is where are the ideal power wiring locations? I installed indiglo gauges during the summer and tapped the wires coming from the switches to the right of the steering wheel. Whenever I turned them on, the power to the central console would be weakened so only the indiglos would be on, which is kind of ghetto. I'll be taking them off since I want my gauges all to match but where should I connect to that will avoid this?

A very minor question, which will be moving around more? a fuel pressure gauge or an EGT gauge?

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I have Greddy P/H/W gauges. I put the data link up under the glove box because all my wires enter the engine bay with the harness from the ECU. I tapped the 12V constant wire coming off the hazard light switch and I found a wire close by that had 12V when the lights are on(for the wire that makes the gauges light up). You don't want to hook up the lighting wire for the gauges to something that already lights up in the car because the voltage is in when you go to brighten the dash lights the gauges will do the reverse and get dim (Toyota is screwy :rolleyes: ).

The EGT gauge should have more movement than the fuel pressure gauge.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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