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Hi all...

I figure my first post ought to be a proper intro. Although I currently drive a 2005 MINI Cooper S that's a freakin' blast in the twisties, my heart still belongs to Supra.

In a former life, I owned a 1990 Supra Turbo, White w/ blue cloth interior. Typical to MKIII Supras, I went thru several head gaskets, more frequently as I added more hp mods, of course. I bought her in 1995 with 60k or so on the odometer, and quickly found SOGI & joined the mailing list. For 2 years, I was President of SOGI Southeast, coordinating events & meets, etc.

Anyhow... after 2-3 head gaskets, I opted for a total engine rebuild complete with tons of upgrades in 1999. She died on me in late 2000, and I just had to get something I could count on for transportation.

Got stuck in a VW Golf 1.8T for 2 years, then spent 2 years each on a pair of MINI Cooper S's. (2 years & counting on the 2nd MINI) I was recently browsing the largest MINI forum,, when I saw a post asking where members rank the MINI among their lives' cars, and this got me to thinking about how I missed my Supra. So I blasphemed myself by ranking my MINI #2, after the Supra, on my list. Which led me here.

While I am quite happy with my MINI, I am jonesing for a Supra. Because of the inherent issues with head/gasket design on the 7M-GTE engine, and my near erotic obsession with the exterior of the MKIV Supras, I am most interested in locating a MKIV Supra as my next vehicle.

Because those beautiful cars have held their value so well, I would imagine I will have to buy one as a replacement to my MINI, as opposed to owning 2 vehicles. (Unless I get one heckuva promotion with the evil phone company)

I'm probably going to spend a lot of time searching these forums to educate myself on the MKIV line, so I know what to watch for when I get to shopping. If I see any MKIII conversations that I can still weigh in on intelligently, I'll certainly do so.

In the mean time, I'm just tickled that this site exists, and am glad to be here. If anyone cares to offer any suggestions about known issues when shopping for a MKIV, I welcome them, but I don't expect you to do my homework for me.

If/when I find my MKIV, it will be a daily driver for me, but I will also be looking towards performance. Torn about whether to look for bone stock & upgrade on my own, or to consider a car with existing mods. My MKIV must be a turbo 6-speed. Targa top would be nice, but is not required.

Hoping I'll learn a great deal here & not embarass myself in the process.

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