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^^^ agreed 100%

I ordered a custom OEM Modified Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel from Australia. Person told me this is what it will look like, wait is 2 months, price is this. 6 weeks later i got the most beautiful part in my car. This process is completely absent at MVP.

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That thing is beautiful man.

And about JDM Ricer's post that you quoted, he clearly does not know me.

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I can't imagine spending that much money on a panel set and having to use hot glue to hold it together....
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? A lot of salt in all your replies.

I bought the carbon trim upgrade when I ordered my Tesla. Had to have it replaced for fitment issues. They had to hand sand a few places and hot glue some tabs before install. This is not ghetto- its what you have to deal with due to the unique tolerances of each vehicle. I treated everyone at Tesla with respect and they returned it in kind, I even got to drive fully loaded version for a few days. I knew full well what I was getting into when I bought an expensive car from an upstart.

If you don't want to put in the work and/or don't want to build relationships with vendors then don't mod your car. Getting pissy that its not the same experience as buying an iPhone case off of Amazon is ridiculous. Its a 20 year old Japanese car.

Its reasonable to be concerned by how long it took to produce and be bummed out by the fitment complexity of the parts, but to try to shame a small crew out of Texas over it is uncalled for. MVP took a huge risk trying to put this out. Their remake of the TRD bodykit was the best in the industry, no reason to believe they won't make this right as well. The early adopters are kidding themselves if they didn't know the inherent risks of preordering a first run part.

I've spent probably 20k (maybe more?) with MVP over the last few years and have had a great experience. I asked Tyler about the carbon kit and he told me it wasn't for me. If you aren't upfront with your intentions and means and just order a part they will assume you know what you want and what you are getting into. Interior and body pieces are a major buyer beware item regardless of how good the outfit is. I learned this the hard way on some authentic fenders for my RX7- they fit like garbage- instead of blaming Dusty I worked with them on it. Turns out my car had been in an accident. I would have never known had I shut down and gotten pissed over it. When I can afford to strip the car and get the frame rail straight I'll put them on.

It bears repeating- if its going to hurt you if transaction doesn't go 100% right then you really can't afford to be making it. Simple as that and applies to everything you may buy in life. Save your money, invest in your future and then spend on your hobbies when you're better off.

Thats my 2 cents- take it for what its worth. Sorry if it upsets anyone- not happy with all the one sided flaming I've seen as of late.
481 - 489 of 489 Posts