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I'm trying to find out how much interest there would be in a group purchase of 3 way adjustable coilovers for the Mkiv. I'm talking with JRZ about these shocks and don't have all the details yet but can give you an idea of what they are.

Many top level autocrossers and road racers use shocks (assuming their class rules permit it) that have separate rebound and compression adjustment, with the better shocks having 2 compression adjustments (high and low speed). Remote reservoirs are used and adjustments are typically at the reservoir, I've been told. The benefit of these shocks is that you can fine tune the shock valving for the particular track and conditions you have that day. High speed compression damping is used for coping with road irregularities while low speed is typically for changing handling characteristics.

JRZ makes racing shocks for many professional teams and is highly recommended by industry sources. The retail price for this setup is roughly $4,800. With a group purchase I expect the price to be a bit under $4,000. You can specify the spring rates and valving you want, or go with what they have been building for the Supra (they have experience with the Mkiv). I know these are pricey, but it may well be worth it if you run your car on the track frequently. As most racers will tell you, improving cornering speed is the most important factor in improving lap times. Detailed instructions on setting up the shocks is available, and once you get them dialed in for a particular track, only small adjustments would be needed on different days.

Please post if you're seriously interested in a group purchase.

Jeff Brauch in CO
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