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Hi All,

Long time reader, first time poster.

Just wondering what people's experiences are running grout filled blocks on the street are?

A local bloke is selling a built short block with some amazing kit in it BUT... it's grouted to only 40mm off the deck (or what you guys call 1 & 5/8").

WILL this car overheat on the street??

Any real world data on this issue would be appreciated ie. actual experience, real examples?

Often Australian V8 blokes will split the GM engines apart - so they run grout.
They get away with it because the compensate with larger radiator capacities AND run oil coolers and temp monitoring.

Will these compensations work OR is there no way around the loss of heat exchange area in the block?

I presume, even IF you put these counter -measures into place - the concept of track work (ie. circuit racing) becomes a distant dream...?

Thanks for any help, slightly obscure topic I know.

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