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I will race any N/A Supra in my friends BONE STOCK (nothing whatsoever *added* to the engine GSX).

1 1/4 mile race at the drag strip on either a pro or regular tree.

The car does not have a performance filter, or a boost controller, or an exhaust, and will be on a DOT tire. No secret mods like a 20G turbo under a 14b shield, 1g BOV, headwork, ported manifold, etc., nothing. Will pop hood.

Supra must be N/A, no nitrous, turbo, full weight etc. I could care less what else is done because I know no one in the states is running a carbureration system. :)

Come to Missouri and beat me...I'll pay your trip and give you $200 if you suceed. You lose, you go back home with an overweight, underpowered car and are sans $200.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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