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i raced a i htink it was 91 talon awd turbo a while back from a 50-60 roll . he had intake exhuast . boost controller, downpipe and im not sure what else all i could see was his blitz boost gauge lol. anywas i had him out the hole evrytime but when he hit boost he was right with me to about 120-130ish then we shut down we raced 3 times, i beat him twice and he beat me once. it was a random race but a nonturbo supra will keep up with lighted moded turbo cars on the parkway without to much hassle. I also raced a 02 bpu wrx on the parkway and he couldnt pass me this was at a 50mph roll to 120ish as well. i beat the guy by half a car we just shut down cause i was starting to pull on him more once we hit those speeds. these cars are quick top end with the right mods, btw i dont condone racing on private streets ;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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