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Gte Head On A Ge Block?

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is it worth putting a gte head on a ge? i like the look soo much better then the dual runners ontop of the block. I was going to get a custom intake manfiold but i am still left with the space /where the stock intake manifold goes. Also doesnt the gte outflow the ge head? but the ge intake manfiold outflows the gte intake manifold?. is changin over to the gte head possible. i know my low end will be gone but i will have better top end. Also if i change to a gte head/cams etc do i have to change out the cam drive distributor? I would think i would have to . Has one ever change over to a gte head? while keeping the ge block. Give me and idea's experince you have. I have seen it done on couple cars that where ge and they change to the gte head and put a single turbo kit so you guys would know what hgas to be done.
I know its a somewhat big job and I am ok with that Thanks
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