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This is the slip:

Margin of victory: .334 close motha***in' race

This next one was my wish come true, a bone stock ls1 camaro for me to beat up on, even had temp tags and everything

here is the slip:


margin of victory: 1.186

Here is his mods:

INTENSE limited slip differential
INTENSE bullet proof turbine shaft (made out of E-4340 modified vac melt 300M)
3.69 Gears (stock is 2.93)
Raybestos High energy clutches in 3rd and 4th gears.
Thrasher Shift Kit- Medium setting (firmer than stock shifts to avoid excessive clutch wear)
Open Cone - S&B open mouth Cone filter
ZZP stage 1 Throttle body (Bored from 69mm to 72mm w/ new throttle plate)
ZZP Stage 1 Intercooler
ZZP MPS 2.6" pulley
Lucas 42.5 lbs/hr injectors
TechEdge In Car Control Unit/DHP Custom PCM (control of air/fuel ratio and timing +/- 12°)
105 lbs Comp Cams Valve springs
ZZP modified valve spring retainers (To keep the keepers from hitting the valve seal with stock heads)
X-P Cam (212° / 224° at .050" - Intake lift .520" Exhaust .536" @ 1.6:1 Rocker ratio, 116° Lobe separation)
The Other Guys ceramic coated headers
3" exhaust , stock mufflers, offroad pipe
Mickey Thompson ET Drags

1) No need for the "slowbra" and "crapmaro" labels......(give the guy a mid 12 second car and now his class shines through). The GTP is impressive (for a GTP) but there's no need to go using degrading labels. (less you need a "slowbra" like myself to hand your ass to you)

2) Why would anyone be dumb enough to drag race a car with the temp tags still on it. I guess in this case, because it was used, it might make sense, but I've seen guys at the track with new cars.....right off the lot. To hell with break in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryanhulce said:
Im guessing it was a typo prob meant 97.2 but not sure. His et and mph seem on par with a cobra.
Yea they're definitely on par, but that 1/8th trap must be a typo. It's on the low side for that 1/4 trap..
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