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I searched and thought I found an answer, but really did not. Here's my issue.

1990T 5-speed dash harness, JDM 2JZ-GTE VVTi engine harness, and 2 gauge clusters.

The original 1990T Auto Canadian model cluster's tach and speedometer work, however the cluster's pretty jacked up and I think I messed up the temp sensor (doesn't work).....

So, got a 1989T 5-speed cluster and plug it in and nothing works on it. Figured I blew the fuse and checked everything else. Swapped the 1990T Auto Can. cluster back in and the tach works... so I know that the signal/power is getting to the cluster, but not being seen/compatible with the 1989T somehow.

The 1989T cluster's car was involved in a side-impact (T-boned from passenger-side). Could it just be bad? Should I try to switch the green circuitry sheets from the back of the clusters? What about that little yellow resistor/capacitor thing near the temp guage? What else can I do to test it and/or fix it? I do not have another one available to test against. :dunno:

Any help is sincerely appreciated. I'd like to get my dash back together and take this in to get inspected/registered. Thanx!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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