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I see a ferarri at least once a week now in the roseville area. yesterday I saw a dark blue one. I see a yellow one all the time by the automall. the yellow one is the gm for roseville bmw. i see an a black and another red f355, and a bunch of others. once at the mall in roseville there were three different types of lambos parked next to each other. they didn't plan on that either, it was pure chance (my boyfriend knows the guy that has a yellow gallardo). they are actually pretty common.

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Originally Posted by BadassMKIV
If you want to race with him, you will take him easily, i did race one time with my auto BPU++ at 22psi, got him only 1/2 car at 110. If your car is 6sp 100% you will win.

[He was driving a Sienna] QUOTE

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